Hey there! I’m Beth!

For the past 10 years I've been running my own design studio, Interior Intuition, helping my clients build homes and renovate their spaces.

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I’m a fun-loving mom of 3 crazy kids, who loves to laugh, eat and drink wine with my lovely husband.

I love to listen. I’m a humanitarian and deeply care for the environment and for people all around the world. I want to make positive changes in the world. I’m kind, fair and love to design with purpose and care. I want every home to feel like my client’s home , one that reflects their lives, personality and history.

You might wonder how I ended up a designer? It definitely wasn’t the most conventional way.

Truthfully though some might say my life has come full circle. As a kid and teen I always wanted to go into the interior design field, but truthfully I didn’t have the courage to pursue the field. So, I ended up going a completely different direction and ended up spending the next 5 years in my 20’s studying cultural anthropology. In fact, I ended up living for a stint in South Africa studying, eating up the unbelievable geography, and the country’s beautiful people and cultures. If it wasn’t for my hubby Joe, I might still be there.


Once I returned, I ended up getting my teaching degree and taught high school for years before I had my kids.

Special Ed was my calling and I loved teaching and making a difference. You might ask…why did I leave teaching? Well here is the scoop. Our oldest son was diagnosed with autism, as well as some other health concerns and I realized that I needed another outlet.

So, what better way than to study my love of design?! This continued through the birth of our next son 2 years later until I started my business shortly before his first birthday. 11 years later, the birth of our daughter, moving to a new city, my business is still going strong. It’s crazy how through life experiences and circumstances, I have come full circle to working in the field that I love and that is in my soul.

Cheers to following your dreams! Let’s start designing!