Welcome! I’m Beth,

and I’m here help you design and renovate your home with confidence.


As a mom of three (adorable) kids, I believe that design should be functional and family-friendly.

I also believe that design shouldn't be wasteful. I love to repurpose furniture and accessories, especially when they have meaning. Purposeful design creates a warm, inviting and personal space that feels like home.


I love to teach my clients throughout the design process.

I share the reasons behind my choices, so they can take that knowledge and use it elsewhere in their home. I also like to help clients craft and define their personal style.


On this platform, I'll be sharing that knowledge with you, too.

I'll share my design process, choices, tips and tricks so that you can design and renovate your home with confidence.


what my clients are saying

We bought a house that needed a lot of updating. Thankfully, Beth had the vision to see that the bones were great but it just needed some TLC. Beth was able to make this house our home. From wall colour to furniture placing, she completely transformed our space.

— Brigette